if one thing matters, everything matters two, meditates on the challenges of indexing and taking responsibility for both conscious and unconscious thought, as personal experience influences even the most objective of writings. At the core of the show is the question, if one were to index the personal, how would one contend with the disjuncture between personal understanding and audience engagement? One answer to this question is transparency in language, direct audience engagement.
Since volunteering at a suicide prevention lifeline, Greenberg has engaged with direct communication with an audience, literally explaining the significance of objects as a live performance. The exhibition if one thing maters, everything matters two, will consist of three performances. The first will engage with the objects on the floor, a sort of footnote. The second will be a reading of photographs and posters on the wall, addressing the flat-works as primary sources for an essay. The final performance is in conjunction with an ongoing project with Emmy Bright.

Danny Greenberg is an artist, printmaker, and writer based in New York City. Their work is composed between the spoken word and the page, the print and the vignette, using language to empower an audience. Recently they have started volunteering at a suicide prevention hotline. This has changed their approach to their practice, believing now in direct audience engagement, transparency in language over ambiguity. They received their BFA from Washington University in St Louis in Printmaking with a minor in Writing, MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Print Media, and attended Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in 2018. Recent solo and two person exhibitions include Beauty is a Thing of Guilt Forever at Tuttle Gallery and C.O.Y.M.E through the Museum of New Art in Detroit.