Headgear is a collection of passages that float around the topics of childhood and indifference while set in a cross-cultural haze. Pulling from the author’s desire to control environments that lack resolve, the text assembles fragmented sentences that have been shuffled, remixed, and revised repeatedly. The final outcome is a series of adaptations that seek to carve out new meaning in the face of limited language, with the author’s underlying question being: if I said what I have always wanted to say to you, what would I say?

Original passages written by Shiraz Gallab. Text generator and e-reader programmed by Becca Abbe.


Shiraz Abdullahi Gallab is a designer, author, and educator who was born but not raised in Khartoum, Sudan. Based in Chicago, she is interested in language, form, and the human condition.

Becca Abbe is a designer and programmer based in Brooklyn, New York.


Please feel free to experience the full website at: headgear.pw