Ben Schonberger is an artist and art teacher currently based in Akron, Ohio. Utilizing photography, appropriated imagery, digital montage, and performance his work examines the complexities of identity through social investigations.

Ben has exhibited nationally and internationally. Hiw work is part of public and private collections including the Detroit Institute of Art Department of Prints, Drawings and Photographs. His self-published books can be found in the MoMA Library, The Arts Library at Yale University and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.


hammer: a tool that delivers a blow to another object.

HAMMER is a negotiation of an experience through an archive-based investigation. By placing the camera between myself and the collection, my work highlights the ambiguity of representation and reference. Using a documentary approach, I focus on elements within the archive that I believe represent systems of obscurity and conviction.

I isolate different objects and pair them together to be photographed. This act disrupts the intended context for which the archive was created. My collage-based process places the obejcts into a system that unravels a narrative. The effect generates a structure that simultaneously rejects and supports the history within the collection. My arrangements are designed to address the complexities of identity.