Victoria Shaheen was born in New Jersey and received her BFA from Corcoran College Of Art and Design in Washington, DC in 2007 and her MFA in ceramics from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloom eld Hills, in 2013. Her work using commodity culture, personal non-linear narrative and the history of decorative arts recently awarded her a residency at the Vermont Studio Center, an internship at The Kohler Factory in Sheboygan, WI, and numerous shows in the U.S. Shaheen lives and works in Detroit, MI teaching at both Wayne State University and College of Creative Studies.

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The (pronounced “interrobang”) is a nonstandard punctuation mark used in various written languages and intended to combine the functions of the question mark and the exclamation point. It concludes a sentence with excitement, amusement, shock or confusion. The pieces exhibited are familiar objects abstracted in order to confuse and excite viewers of all ages. In this nonsensical discourse the interro- bang nishes each sentence.

Exploring how solitary objects can de ne absurd environments, features all new objects that represent the ideals and characteristics of kitsch but are not mass produced nor feature over saturated imagery. They are abstracted depictions of childhood memory, nostalgia, and the manipulation of those memories through time and maturity. The experience each viewer has will change per their position in the gallery due to sound components structured to interact with the audience and the objects. Similar to the way people can remember the same situation in a variety of ways, confuses, confronts, and distorts viewer projection and interaction.